Interactive Online webinars: Urban Farming in Eindhoven

  • Datum: 18 mei 2021
  • Have you heard about ‘Urban Farming’? Are you interested on collaborating in a community garden? Then join us for a special series of webinars! Specially made for expats and all others who are interested.

    Growing food in the city (Urban farming) combines the best of many worlds: it encourages social interaction among different cultures and ages, brings biodiversity to the city, helps to retain water and cools the city. Besides by practicing it you will experiencing nature with your hands and enjoy tasty and nutritional food. Everybody is invited to participate and contribute.

    Trefpunt Groen Eindhoven, Art + Tech Society and Bibliotheek Eindhoven are inviting you to join two series of virtual presentations, where you will be introduced to some Urban Farming initiatives in Eindhoven. And learn how you can engage! The webinars will be spoken in English and there will space for your questions.

    When? Monday May 31th and Monday June 14th from 20:00 to 21:00
    Costs? Free


    Adopt a Street. Kees Lepoeter started “Adopt a Street”, inspired by the idea of taking care of a public space close to his home that makes him feel happy. Nowadays he collaborates with the Municipality Eindhoven and has hundreds of citizens following his example each year. This project aims to make the living environment greener and more beautiful, but has also added edible plants to the plant selection this year. With success!

    Nature Interaction at Wasven. This restaurant and farm located near the center of the city is known for its sustainable approach: in a responsible way it gives a work opportunity to people with disabilities; it organizes nature education and maintenance activities in the surrounding nature, it produces pure and organic products for their shop and restaurant, and in their own bakery. New volunteers are always welcome to help on the farm.

    Community gardeningStefan Pfundtner is a passionate and social gardener who started his green activities in Eindhoven by helping to set up the community garden at High Tech Campus. Five years ago, he – together with other neighbors – started a community garden in his own neighbourhood (Irisbuurt) as well. For Stefan, these greening activities are about food, sustainability and socialising. Especially the social aspect is important, it’s not about creating a garden but an inclusive space for everybody, nature and neighbors.

    Food Forest Eindhoven.  Part of the estate Wielewaal is turned into a Food Forest in 2014. It is a beautiful green place with all kinds of fruit and nut trees, herbs etc. Lead by Maartje Meerman-Kreike, volunteers are maintaining the forest, and you can join workshops to learn how to make syrups, herbal products and natural food dishes.

    Agenda of the first series (May 31st):

    • Opening and introduction to the event
    • Short introduction to Trefpunt Groen Eindhoven
    • Food Forest Eindhoven by Maartje Meerman-Kreike
    • Interaction with Nature at Wasven by Alfred van Kempen


    Agenda of the second series (June 14th)

    • Opening and introduction to the event
    • Short introduction to Art + Tech Society
    • Adopt a Street by Kees Lepoeter
    • Community gardening by Stefan Pfundtner
    • Closing event

    Interested? Book your (online) place now at the website of the library of Eindhoven!

    And do not forget to invite or share this info with your friends and colleagues.

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