Finding Expat Trees in Arboretum Boomrijk

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In the green park Meerland you will find the Arboretum Boomrijk. The arboretum is a collection of all kinds of different trees. With the large variety of trees, Boomrijk shows residents of Meerhoven and visitors from outside how beautiful and diverse nature is. There are currently around 1,000 different species including the Ginkgo tree, Paulownia and a large collection of maples, holly and hydrangeas.


The Arboretum was created after nursery De Oirsprong had to make way for new parking spaces at Eindhoven Airport in 2011. The owner of De Oirsprong then donated his tree and shrub collection to the municipality of Eindhoven. This fine collection of trees found its location in Meerland park. The Arboretum had a difficult start due to the type of soil and water management. Not all trees survived the first few years. Meanwhile, volunteers have rolled up their sleeves to take care of the Arboretum. Growth sites are being improved and trenches are being dug for proper water management. Every Wednesday afternoon between April and October, the group of about 12 volunteers is busy maintaining this special collection of trees. Park Meerland Foundation is also currently in the process of numbering the trees. By scanning a QR code, you can then see exactly where which tree is and what kind of tree it is.

With volunteers wanting to further expand the arboretum, people now have the opportunity to adopt or donate trees. This not only adds to the diversity of the arboretum but also ensures that more and more local residents feel involved in the arboretum. Trees are donated, for example, as a memento of someone, to celebrate something or as CO2 compensation for a plane trip.

Slowly, the Arboretum is becoming better known and more diverse. Now that the trees are starting to get a little bigger, it has become a beautiful place to go for a walk. It has become a place where people and stories come together as well as biodiversity and climate resilience.

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Where to find expat-trees in Arboretum Boomrijk?