Green Café: Together, making a cleaner and beautiful city - retrospective

Type: Events and activities

We all prefer to live in a city with clean streets and parks that we can enjoy. Unfortunately, we do not always see that the streets, parks or green areas of Eindhoven are free of garbage or litter. The problem that we can easily wait until the municipality cleans it… but instead of waiting, we made a difference together!


Last weekend, on the 17th of march, our Green Café with Troop Troopers took place. In less than an hour and a half, arond sixty kilos of rubbish was collected. The catch: suitcases, underwear, moped parts, bottles and a lot of plastic.

 We joined forces with Troop Troopers to clean up the TU/e campus. Anyone could join in, young or old, student or not, Dutch or international. In total of 27 volunteers helped out. A nice mix of international and Dutch people in different ages. Amongst others, we had two young nature lovers below ten years old, and several people over sixty.

“Was this really necessary at the campus?”

Yes, it was! The campus seems quite tidy, but litter is often found in the bushes and around green areas, like the Dommel. The need for our clean-up was confirmed by our haul; we collected more than twenty full rubbish bags (of sixty litres, ed.), in less than an hour and a half. That is about sixty kilos of rubbish.

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Green Café
The Green Café is a collaboration between Trefpunt Groen Eindhoven, Eindje Groen, Art + Tech Society, Wild Eindhoven with individual contributors; Erdem Cerit and Zubin Nayak. It organizes all kind of activities like lectures, workshops, city tours and film sessions in the themes of nature, environment and sustainability for the international community of Eindhoven. It is supported by the Library Eindhoven.

Troep Troopers
Troep Troopers Eindhoven started as an initiative of 2 residents from Tongelrese neighbourhood Muschberg Geestenberg 3 years ago. And today, there are 15 neighbourhood groups, 1 nature group, 1 primary school group and 4 independent groups that are actively involved in cleaning different areas of Eindhoven. You can check TTE’s website and join one of the groups active in your neighborhood or create your own group if there is none in your area.