Milieudefensie Eindhoven

Type: Green Initiatives

Milieudefensie Eindhoven is a local branch of the national Milieudefensie. They support and sustain the actions of the national association and have, for example, participated in the milk and agriculture action and air guards campaign. They also support other initiatives on clean air and traffic.

Milieudefensie Eindhoven is active on the themes of air quality and traffic, agriculture and animal husbandry, the airport and the city. They also like to participate in one-off actions around the theme of energy. Furthermore, they organise playful and local actions, for example by addressing local entrepreneurs on the unnecessary lighting of shop premises or holding talks with farmers. 

Besides carrying out actions, Milieudefensie Eindhoven also regularly informs Eindhoven political party chairmen and the Board of B&W about topics and events that should be discussed in the council. Milieudefensie Eindhoven has specified that their meetings are in Dutch. However, they are open to all questions and requests in english and expats are welcomed.

Click here for the website of Milieudefensie Eindhoven.