Philips fruitgarden

Type: Bio-shops and sustainable food

The Philips Fruittuin is an ecological orchard with apple and pear trees. Besides the orchard, there is a visitor centre, an experimental garden where you can eat pancakes, they sell regional and homegrown products in the country shop and provide 'office fruit' at companies, schools and nurseries. 


The Philips fruit garden was set up by Anton Philips as a job creation project. It is a 12-hectare orchard with apple, pear and plum trees. The fruit is grown with respect for nature; no pesticides are used. To control insects, other insects are used. 

The Philips fruit garden organises pruning courses, educational tours and apple-picking days. There is a playground for children and an educational scavenger hunt in the orchard. 

Besides the activities, you can also eat pancakes here, drink their own juices and they have a country shop. In their shop you can buy apples and pears from their own orchard, as well as bread, vegetables other goodies. 

Click here for the (dutch) Philips Fruittuin website.