Repair Café Tongelre

Type: Repairing

Repair Cafés are free-to-attend gatherings that revolve around repairing (together). At the location where the Repair Café is held, tools and materials are available to carry out all kinds of repairs. Among other things, the Repair Café Tongelre repairs electrical household appliances, garden tools, lighting and clocks.


Repair Café Tongelre

Repair Café Tongelre started in 2021 at Aktiviteitencentrum Orka on Broekakkerseweg 1 in Tongelre. There is a car park nearby and bus stop line 5. In the café you can have a cup of coffee or tea.

Good to know: For every repair, they ask for a tip afterwards. With this they pay the rent and are able to buy new tools.

You can reach Repair Café Tongele via or tel. 0621848302

Photo: Repair Café Tongelre