Stichting Stadsnatuur

Type: Green Initiatives

Stichting Stadsnatuur Eindhoven is a volunteer organisation dedicated to protecting, developing and managing nature in Eindhoven. They also work on information and education and give advice in various nature consultations. They bring people with an initiative into contact with organisations in their own network that can help them further.

Stichting stadsnatuur originated from the Poelenwerkgroep. The members wanted to cooperate more with the other nature groups in Eindhoven outside the Poelenwerkgroep. Thus, in 1995 Stichting Stadsnatuur Eindhoven was formed, which also devoted itself to, for example, birds and bats. Stichting Stadsnatuur Eindhoven now has several working groups;

  • ponds working group
  • Puddle/ponds Adoption
  • Peregrine falcon protection
  • Swift group
  • House martin group
  • Bat protection

Several groups are affiliated with Stichting stadsnatuur Eindhoven, including IVN, KNNV, RAVON, bat working group Noord-Brabant, and Vogelwerkgroep de Kempen. Everyone is very welcome to contribute to a greener Eindhoven; occasionally contributing to a project or structurally taking up a permanent task are both possible at Stadsnatuur Eindhoven.

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