Tiny Forest at Genderpark

Type: Green Initiatives

The residents' initiative Tiny Forest Eindhoven in Genderpark is a great example of how residents themselves can contribute to a green neighbourhood. Genderpark, located in the Stratum district of Eindhoven, used to be a bare patch of grass. In 2019, residents decided to change that by creating a Tiny Forest. 

The initiator is Dorien van Witteveen. As a resident of the Vonderkwartier, she regularly walked through the Genderpark. She saw an opportunity to get more out of the park. She contacted the municipality, through which she discovered that they were looking for locations for a Tiny Forest. By engaging in many conversations and seeking collaborations, Dorien managed to get a Tiny Forest in the Genderpark. 

A Tiny Forest is a dense mini-forest the size of a tennis court. It is designed to promote biodiversity, reduce air pollution and improve the health and well-being of local residents. The Tiny Forest in the Genderpark was designed in cooperation with the municipality of Eindhoven, IVN Natuureducatie, idverde NL and primary school De Troubadour. 

The Tiny Forest in the Genderpark consists of different layers of planting, from herbaceous plants to shrubs and trees. It is designed as a natural playground for children, with play elements such as stepping stones and tree trunks. The forest also provides space for educational activities and workshops for local residents and schools. 

The Tiny Forest in Gender Park not only has a positive impact on biodiversity and the environment, but also has a social function. The garden belongs to no one and for everyone. It has become a meeting place for local residents and a place to relax and enjoy nature. It is also a learning place for the primary school. The children learn and help plant and maintain the garden.  The residents' initiative has led to a greater sense of belonging and community spirit in the neighbourhood.

pictures; idverde NL