Vogelwerkgroep de kempen (birds)

Type: Green Initiatives

Vogelwerkgroep De Kempen is a working group that actively studies the birds that occur in the wild in the Kempen (southeast Brabant). From a small group of friendly birdwatchers, the working group grew into a versatile and active organisation of about 80 members.


Every year, they conduct research on breeding and non-breeding birds. Examples include: inventories of areas for breeding birds, counts of birds in winter, bird migration counts, meadow birds, censuses, nest-box research and research into the breeding biology of owls and raptors such as the goshawk and the white-tailed hawk. They also participate in several national projects. Examples of such projects are field bird projects in Eersel, Bladel, Eindhoven and Veldhoven, breeding bird monitoring (inventory of the Groote Beerze valley and the Reusel valley), Sovon's Urban Species Monitoring Network (MUS project), Capricorn population count on the Strabrechtse Heide, nest box projects on the Welschap golf course, Tongelreep golf course, Eindhovensche Golf, Koningshof and Vencomatic, nest box projects for Tawny Owl, Tawny Owl and Barn Owl, Point Transect Counts (PTT project Sovon), roost counts of Hen Harrier and Great Egret, species surveys of Geese-Green Woodpecker-Hawk-House Swallow-Nightjar-Spotted Owl-Spotted Owl-Sleuthatch, simultaneous counts of Common Woodpecker, bird migration counts in Veldhoven, on the Paters grounds and Strabrechtse Heide, maintenance and monitoring of bank swallow walls etc. etc. In various ways, they are involved in nature and bird protection and providing information.

In addition, monthly member meetings (except July) are organised in D'n Aard, Ariespad 5 in Veldhoven, where their own members talk about the projects they are involved in or expert speakers are invited to give lectures on interesting topics. These monthly meetings are held in Dutch.

Vogelwerkgroep de Kempen is open to English-speaking members and/or volunteers. They will be happy to see where your interests lie. Does that seem like fun to you? Then send an email to vwgdekempen@gmail.com