Wasven green estate

Type: Bio-shops and sustainable food

The Wasven green estate is a combination of estate and agriculture, where humans, animals and plants have lived together for centuries. Sandwiched between roads and the advancing city, the green area has managed to retain its character. A multifaceted landscape patchwork, sustainably developed together, by and for all of us.

Wasven green estate

The Wasven green area has a rich history. In the 19th century it got its current form: a mature estate forest with farmyard and arable land. A combination of pleasant stay and cultivation. It is now a communal property, formed by residents who take responsibility for their own living environment.

Het Wasven is a green oasis of 24 hectares. In the area you will find all kinds of landscape elements such as heathland, fens, fields, hedges, lanes and woodlands. These are called ecotopes. It is a patchwork quilt, created by centuries of habitation and reclamation and characteristic of the brook valley of Eindhoven and its surroundings. The Wasven horticulture works ecologically, with crop rotation and combination cultivation to increase the resilience of the crops. With little ground cover and no heavy machinery, to stimulate soil life. The estate is managed ecologically, without pesticides.

Besides the greenery, the Wasven also has a guesthouse and a shop selling local products. In addition, the Wasven offers workplaces for people with care needs. Working together in the guesthouse, bakery and garden provides structure and social interaction. This happens under the expert guidance of learning masters and care coaches.

In the green heart near the Wereldboom and on the field near the market garden, there are year-round events such as Effenaar 't Wasven, Fête de la Nature, Muziek met Smaak and Typisch Tongelre. Relaxed enjoyment of culture and nature, and responsibly delicious food and drink. Het Wasven collaborates with, among others, poppodium De Effenaar, the Centre for the Arts, community centre 't Oude Raadhuis and theatre collective Het Salon.