Having fun in green Eindhoven

2 april 2023

As a newcomer, Eindhoven might look boring​ and unattractive​ but if you ​start exploring, there are plenty of activities to do in the city. It is up to you the kind of activities you would like to experience!

Having fun in green Eindhoven

If you like walking or jogging, the city has different parks and routes where you can enjoy a beautiful green environment in the city. This can be a tour around the ​High-tech campus and Genneper Park located at the south of the city outside the ring; a tour around the Anne Frankplantsoen, Dommel plantsoen and stadswandelpark located in the south of the city within the ring; or the Eckhart​ park​ located in the north east of the city outside the ring where you can enjoy a green natural area and visit a small castle from outside. ​G​uided tours are​ also​ provided by ​W​ild Eindhoven.​ Here, you will enjoy a nice walk with like-minded people and hear about the local urban ecosystem.

Would you like to explore more? Additional walking routes can be found here.

​If you prefer to take a tour outside the city, then we recommend biking tours​. Do you need to rent a bike? Then get one at the train station of Eindhoven. There are plenty biking tours mainly around the south of the city and it is up to you the type of challenge you would like to take. It can be 20 to more than 60 kms. The site Komoot offers you several biking routes alternatives to green or historical places.

​​But if you are more adventurous and like kayaking and canoeing, there are companies like Kano Verhuur Eindhoven that rent a kayak or canoe, so you and your friends can enjoy the local rivers around the city.

We wish you am exciting time exploring the green areas of Eindhoven and surroundings!